Qualitativeminds are curious, flexible, open – but also analytical, informed, and always learning.

Pressures of work mean that learning and development can be a little random. It’s easy to miss out on stuff if you don’t have time for reading, courses and conferences.  This site provides a range of  learning resources to fill those gaps.

If you are new to qualitative, or a student, check out the videos on Secrets of Success and your interviewing skills.

Avoid Groundhog Day! If you are a practising researcher, you can get quick inspiration in methods and techniques; find out more about the latest thinking (its about the nonconscious…)

Buy downloadable resourcebooks to help you plan and use workshops, projective and enabling techniques, and use powerful procedures like Laddering.

If you are looking for training, you can

  • Design and organise a course, coaching or mentoring in-house or online
  • Buy professional training materials to use and adapt yourself

LATEST UPLOADS: AQR Nonconscious webinar slides and notes and the next step: the Uber Framework – not a taxi but a new system for quick joined up thinking about theories and models in qual, based on the latest ideas from evolutionary psychology

From the shop:

Love Laddering Training pack
Love Laddering Training pack

Learn it, use it, teach it. Laddering or Means End Chain analysis is one of the most useful qualitative techniques ever. Downloadable: includes a pdf of How to run Successful Training in Laddering, Means End Chain, Pyramiding and Five Whys,and two … Continued

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Depth Interviewing Teaching Pack
Depth Interviewing Teaching Pack
Everything you need to teach qualitative depth interviewing knowledge and skills in one package. Charts, exercises, feedback forms; all tried and trusted. Download the pack, add your own logo,  and deliver a great course. Course material adapts for training people with 0-2 years experience in qualitative research.  
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Running Successful Workshops – The Owner’s Manual
Running Successful Workshops – The Owner’s Manual
  • Invaluable, comprehensive guide to planning and facilitating workshops
  • Downloadable, hyper-linked so you can find tools and techniques quickly and easily
  • Understand Workshops and how to facilitate them
  • How to overcome your anxieties
  • All the tools you need to design, plan and deliver workshops with consumers and clients
  • Techniques tried and tested through years of workshop training
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Focus Group

Qualitative Research is so much more than focus groups.  Research skills include:

  • Being ‘business partners’ and consultants
  • Using theory to underpin research design
  • Working in cultural, social, and emotional realms
  • Expertise in using methods (there are over 20!)
  • Skills in moderating, observation, and facilitation; eliciting things that people can’t easily tell you
  • Analysis and interpretation, storytelling and presenting
  • Client and project management, ethics and good practice



Ask any fellow professional who trains and coaches in qualitative research who they most admire and the name played back to you, more than any other, is that of Joanna Chrzanowska. Much of our understanding about enriching the quality of qualitative encounters has originated with Joanna.  She has applied a breadth of learning from the fields of psychology, anthropology, linguistics and NLP to the commercial coalface. Very few in our profession have thought so deeply about how we do what we do and then disseminated that thinking with such passion and generosity. Going beyond explaining how we do what we do she has also captured uniquely, how it feels when we are doing it; I urge you all to read  ‘the inside story of a focus group’ from her inspirational book ‘ ‘Interviewing Groups and Individuals in Qualitative Market Research’.

Geoff Bayley on behalf of the AQR

R-Net Research Heroes: Joanna Chrzanowska