Qualitative research is something most people fall into, and its rare that they receive a fully structured program of training.  Client confidentiality precludes the sort of sharing of practice we see in academic circles. Many people who come to my courses say one of their learning objectives is

“I just wanted to see if I was doing it right”

Qualitative research training can be somewhat random. This site provides bite sized learning to fill all those gaps – whatever they may be. As well as opportunities for training, coaching and self-development.

So please use the site for inspiration, knowledge, and learning. You will still need plenty of practical work to hone your skills – but at least you will know not only what you are doing but why you are doing it.

 Who is it by?   Joanna Chrzanowska FMRS

  • A very long term qualitative researcher (long enough to have known one of the originators of ‘motivational research’ in the UK – Bill Schlackman)
  • Worked in children’s research, the music business, with fmcg and healthcare companies, and government/social research.
  • She has probably conducted at least a couple of thousand groups, not to mention hundreds of depths and workshops.
  • Along the way Joanna trained as an NLP practitioner, became involved in medical training and research at Imperial College, and was made a Fellow of the Market Research Society.
  • Joanna is now primarily a trainer in qualitative methods. For several years now Joanna has contributed to, or run training courses for AQR (Association of Qualitative Research), has been an In Company trainer for the Market Research Society, and an examiner for the MRS Advanced Certificate. She worked for several years with Mike Imms. She runs open courses with John Griffiths as Electric Learning,and trains many other research and client companies.
  • Joanna supports good quality research in all its forms, including new and online methods. She and John Griffiths won an award for Best Workshop at the 2011 MRS Conference, using a mixture of game theory and crowdsourcing.
  • Joanna has published a book on Interviewing, which is one of a boxed set published by Sage in 2002.  (Qualitative Market Research, Principle and Practice. Eds Ereaut, Imms & Callingham)

You can buy an ebook copy from Google Play here:

Ask any fellow professional who trains and coaches in qualitative research who they most admire and the name played back to you, more than any other, is that of Joanna Chrzanowska. Much of our understanding about enriching the quality of qualitative encounters has originated with Joanna.  She has applied a breadth of learning from the fields of psychology, anthropology, linguistics and NLP to the commercial coalface. Very few in our profession have thought so deeply about how we do what we do and then disseminated that thinking with such passion and generosity. Going beyond explaining how we do what we do she has also captured uniquely, how it feels when we are doing it; I urge you all to read  ‘the inside story of a focus group’ from her inspirational book ‘ ‘Interviewing Groups and Individuals in Qualitative Market Research’.

Geoff Bayley on behalf of the AQR