QualitativeMind is Joanna Chrzanowska, Fellow of the Market Research Society, and a lifelong qualitative market researcher

Joanna Chrzanowska presentingI am an Accredited Trainer specialising in qualitative research skills, thinking and methods. 

Qualitative research has grown with the times.  Qualitative insights can now be found in many sources of data. We have much greater understanding of how the social realm moulds attitudes and culture, and shiny new tools for emotions and behaviour.

Yet, as human beings, we still have the same needs and motivations. We still have to learn to listen and empathise. The potential pitfalls of research are still the same – poorly framed objectives,  researcher and participant biases, not knowing how to ask the right questions – or indeed, how to discover insights without asking questions.

And the delights of good research are still the same. Connecting with people, providing understanding and helping to create positive change.

In a lifelong career, I have moderated thousands of focus groups, delivered workshops and trained both research agencies and buyers in all aspect of qualitative research.


I have published “Interviewing Groups and Individuals in Qualitative Market Research” (Sage). More recent are the eBooks on this site which are more searchable and regularly updated. 


“Ask any fellow professional who trains and coaches in qualitative research who they most admire and the name played back to you, more than any other, is that of Joanna Chrzanowska. Much of our understanding about enriching the quality of qualitative encounters has originated with Joanna.  She has applied a breadth of learning from the fields of psychology, anthropology, linguistics and NLP to the commercial coalface. Very few in our profession have thought so deeply about how we do what we do and then disseminated that thinking with such passion and generosity.

Going beyond explaining how we do what we do she has also captured uniquely, how it feels when we are doing it; I urge you all to read  ‘the inside story of a focus group’ from her inspirational book ‘ ‘Interviewing Groups and Individuals in Qualitative Market Research’.”

Geoff Bayley on behalf of the AQR

“Joanna worked with us to develop a very tailored qualitative skills training framework. She spent a lot of time getting to understand our business and the team’s needs, and it always felt like a collaborative effort. The planning and pre-work were meticulous; the workshops themselves were lively, engaging and fun. Feedback from the team was unanimously positive, and everyone was able to apply learnings straight away. I’ll recommend Joanna to anyone who needs to build qualitative skills. It’s a pleasure to work with such a passionate expert.”

Mike Stevens  EVP & Managing Director EMEA | Vision Critical