3. How to choose the right qualitative method

Don’t start by thinking about the method. Start by turning your business objectives into research objectives and questions, and you will find the best method emerges from that exercise.

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The main options are: to discuss, observe, collaborate, or even by-pass talk completely. There are online options for each of these too. Often projects are ongoing and require the use of quantitative as well as qualitative data, and more than one method within qualitative.

Case study from the Times top 100: How market research enabled Barclays to improve its student account offer

Case study from the Market Research Society showing how the Money Advice service integrated a range of methods to overcome its research challenges: MA Mixed methods case study MRS

If you are interested in new methods, both qualitative and quantitative, you can access a copy of the latest report here. http://www.greenbookblog.org/grit/

Title: How to choose the right qualitative method
Length: 7.09 minutes