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Running Successful Workshops – The Owner’s Manual


  • Invaluable, comprehensive guide to planning and facilitating workshops
  • Downloadable, hyper-linked so you can find tools and techniques quickly and easily
  • Understand Workshops and how to facilitate them
  • How to overcome your anxieties
  • All the tools you need to design, plan and deliver workshops with consumers and clients
  • Techniques tried and tested through years of workshop training

WORKSHOPS ONLINE: On payment, you will get an additional link to the Expert Guide to Managing Online Meetings. This has a section covering how to run workshops online.


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An indispensable resource for running all kinds of research and development workshops. Scoping out a project, developing personas, brand and communication reviews, ideation, stakeholder engagement, research activation – or simply team building.

  • Downloadable, and hyper-linked so you can find tools and techniques quickly and easily
  • Being a group moderator is a good start, but not enough. Discover what other skills you need.
  • What are the common anxieties about facilitation?  The manual shows how to manage them.
  • How to set goals and define problems
  • Planning a workshop from invitations to follow ups, step by step
  • Creating an engaging and productive day plan
  • Specific tools for managing people
  • Tools for activating research findings
  • 20 icebreakers, 10 energisers, 10 tools for enabling thinking differently, 18+ tools for idea generation, 10 tools for idea evaluation, 10 tools for process planning and problem analysis, 8 tools for ending.
  • 109 pages including reading list and links to websites for further inspiration

The Workshop Manual Contents

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