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Expert Guide to managing online meetings, training and qualitative research


Meetings, training, and research are all influenced by group processes and dynamics. These are often less obvious online but are present.

They are the interactions, forces and tensions that influence the behaviour and attitudes of a group. Group leadership that is sensitive to these makes a huge difference to keeping people on task, encouraging honest expression, sorting out conflict, motivating teams and achieving a positive end result.

The tools and techniques in this eBook enable you to be a more effective group leader/ facilitator, despite the differences of working online.

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A comprehensive review of tools, techniques and skills to maximise your effectiveness in working online

Boost your presence online. Download and use straight away. Internal hyperlinks enable you to quickly find what you need.


  • What are group dynamics and why do leaders need to manage them?
  • Why is it particularly important to start well?
  • How do you keep participants engaged in front of a screen?
  • Ways to manage dissent and conflict
  • What do you need to do to successfully move training and workshops online?
  • What tools and techniques can you use for brainstorming and creative problem solving?
  • Hints and tips for setting up and moderating qualitative research, in real time and asynchronous
  • Projective techniques you can use online for deeper insights

ISBNBarcodeISBN 978-1-8380526-0-7


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