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Love Laddering Training pack



Easily reach those emotional benefits with Laddering!    


Learn it, use it, teach it. Laddering or Means End Chain analysis is one of the most useful qualitative techniques ever. It’s a simple route to emotional benefits, (and more), an incredibly revealing type of depth interview, and a great tool for strategic thinking.

Downloadable: A set of charts that you can adapt to your needs (with links to videos) and a Resource book pdf with all the background and examples you would need. What’s not to love!

Using laddering type questions during interviews or groups saves time on analysis, because Laddering is a means for participants to do their own analytical thinking/

One on one Laddering interviews are powerful and revealing. They can be used as a pilot study or for an entire project. The training pack gives links to lots of examples from presidential elections to UX studies. Once you know Laddering you can easily do Pyramiding and the Five Whys – a great tool for workshops.

With this pack you can:

  • Power up your topic guides and save time in analysis
  • Learn to do complete laddering interviews
  • Learn about the background to Laddering (Personal Construct Psychology)
  • Teach others to do it in 45 minutes – or take a morning to cover it in depth. Just pick the set of charts you need.

Any questions? email Joanna

123-SSLIf you purchase by card, and the payment goes through, you will get a download link straightaway. Don’t worry if you are asked to enter a shipping address – the product is downloadable and not physical.

There are two parts – a PowerPoint and a pdf, so they are zipped together. Click the download button on the top left, save to your computer and use Extract All to open the zip file.


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