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Developmental Feedback on your Interviewing


Send in your depth interview (up to 30 mins long) and receive personalised developmental feedback, based on professional interviewing criteria.


To assess or develop your interviewing skills, sDepth interviewing feedback formend me a filmed depth interview, up to 30 minutes long. I will also need the objectives of the project and the interview guide. The film need not be professional; it has to be good enough quality so I can see and hear the interviewer and participant. If its not in English I need a translation.

I will send you back a written summary:

  • what you did well,
  • what you could have done better,
  • suggestions on what to read or practice in order to develop further

If you want to know how to tell if an interviewer is good, you can freely download the feedback form here: Depth Interview feedback form

The first page is to be used while watching a depth interview, the second for a more reflective analysis after the interview.

If you want to record an interview especially for training, I can help with topic suggestions. If you want to use an actual project, I will sign an NDA.

To buy this product, contact me first with your request.  You will be asked to pay on receipt of the feedback.


Accredited Provider of training for CPD

If you are registered with the Market Research Society CPD Scheme, this will count towards your hours.


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